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CA Overland Adventure + Power Sports Expo Show | March 2024

Every show we attend reminds us why we decided to establish Phalcon Industries.

Like so many of you, we grew tired of the same cycle. You plan an epic overland adventure, only to spend half of every other day heading back into town for ice. Not to mention, half of your cooler space IS ice so you always need a second or bigger cooler. 

Over and over again, we heard this same story from visitors to our booth last weekend. We've spent much of our drive time discussing ways to solve issues like this and improve overland experiences.

The most popular models were 45L Single Zone Fridge Freezers and 55L Single Zone Fridge Freezers. The smaller was excellent for more compact vehicles and couples wanting to get out of town, whereas the larger provided the most practical amount of room for longer trips.

At Phalcon, we are all about providing affordable options of warranty-backed quality products that fill a need in the overland community. Selling out of the stock we brought is proof that what we're doing and how we're doing it makes a difference.