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"Cool Companion: The 12 Volt Fridge Freezer for Your Next Adventure"

Purchasing the right 12v refrigerator is one of the most important decisions you can make for your camper van. Portable refrigerators are well constructed and insulated to withstand the harsh environment of a mobile lifestyle. No more worrying about ice runs to the store. Adventure further and longer with Phalcon Overland's portable fridge models to choose from. 


Pictured is the CF30 model perfect for camper vans, SUV's, Trucks and RV's. The Unit has a Bluetooth App for Android or Apple that allows you to monitor temps and control temperature from your smart phone. Phalcon Overland's Portable Fridges can get cold enough to Freeze should you want a freezer or set at 42 for fridge setting. 

  • Portability. This style of refrigerator can taken out of the van, moved around and double as a cooler. A chest style refrigerator has more room on the inside and can hold ice or other liquids. Many of them come with a drain plug which can be useful when cleaning.
  • Your food will always remain in place and secure. Nothing will fall out of this fridge when you open it. That will keep everything more organized during travel. You can also more easily stack items and take up all the possible storage space.
  • Make a great seat or solid surface when living in a van. Space is everything in a campervan conversion. While you can’t build on top of a chest style fridge, you can use it as a seat or work surface. Some van lifers choose to build a sliding drawer underneath their fridge so it can be tucked under a counter or bed when not in use.
  • Everything else equal, are the most energy efficient design. Because hot air rises, the chilled air will sit at the bottom of your fridge and less of it will escape when opened.
  • Compressor Refrigerators These refrigerators use the same technology as the ones you find in your home. They use a process that compresses refrigerant to draw hot air out of the food compartment and vent it out the back or top of the fridge. They are highly efficient compared to absorption refrigerators.